Stay Safe and Practice Crime Prevention

It may be one of the last things you want to think about, but preventing crime in your life should be an important topic to discuss with your family.  If you take proper precautions and stay alert, you should be able to successfully discourage criminals from harming you or your family.

With so many different accounts on the computer these days, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Try not to use the same password for everything!  We also caution against writing these passwords down on paper. There are many different online sites (we strongly recommend LastPass) that will store your passwords on a secure network. LastPass even generate difficult-to-guess passwords to deter cyber criminals, plus monitors your account for fraud or hack attempts.

Remember that opening suspicious emails and clicking on unknown websites can severely hurt your computer. If it looks suspicious, don’t click any links! Make sure you have secure anti-virus software in place just in case.

At Home

Although we live in a world where most have cell phones, it can still be important to have a landline at home for emergency services to track your call in case of emergency. If you have many windows in your home, make sure that valuables are not openly visible. Don’t give any criminal the incentive to choose your house to break into.

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means that many people will be traveling. If you are planning to go out of town, make sure that you have a trusted friend or neighbor checking in on your house during your vacation. A few ways to make it look like you are home is to have scheduled outdoor lights come on. Having lights on will deter criminals as opposed to a completely dark house.

Out and About

If you ever feel uncomfortable going into a parking lot by yourself, especially late at night, take a friend or find a security guard to walk you out. The more people there are, usually the less likely you are to be bothered by a possible criminal. If you should ever be approached yell at the person to stop. If you make a big enough scene, they won’t want to take the effort to continue targeting you.

With Kids

Kids will be much more accepting to a stranger that knows their name, so avoid putting your children’s names on any items like backpacks, lunchboxes, shirts, jewelry, etc. When you take kids out, make sure they know not to talk to strangers. If your child gets lost in public, teach them to find a police officer or a mother with kids.

At Chapman Insurance we want to ensure that you and your family practice safety skills to discourage any possible criminals.  Contact us today because if you don’t know insurance, you should know your insurance agent!