Winter Tips for Surviving the Cold in Florida

Laugh now, but living in Florida doesn’t always keep us away from cold weather. Low temperatures can affect everything from ​your ​home to​ your​ car. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during one of Florida’s cold snaps.

​Around the House:

Although having space heaters and electric blankets can be coz​y​, ​keep watch over them so they don’t catch fire. Be proactive and have an emergency fire plan that everyone ​is familiar with in the family. Good things to have on the list are:

  • ​how to avoid smoke by staying low to the ground​,​
  • ​​where is the best way to exit,
  • ​the safest place to meet outside the home.

​Stay Healthy:

​When the weather gets cold, we tend to gravitate toward carb-heavy comfort foods like casseroles and warm soups. ​However, it’s important to ensure that you are still getting ​enough nutrients from ​fruits and veggies. The vitamins and minerals that come from the plants are important to your health.

Try to sneak nutritious veggies into your children’s diet wherever you can!  Visiting a local farm like Geraldson Community Farm can also help your kids realize how fun and important vegetables can be – and you can even purchase a membership to own a share of the weekly harvest.  This is a great, cost-effective way to bring home organic produce while supporting local agriculture.  Here is a helpful list of the produce that is in season right now in Florida.

​Is everyone drinking enough water?  It’s easy to remember water consumption when the weather is warm, but ​during the winter months when the weather is dry, it’s just as important to stay hydrated.

Car Safety:Mechanic Checking Air Pressure Level In Car Tire

It’s best, if possible, to keep your car in a garage to keep everything warm overnight. As the temperature drops, so will your tire pressure. With fewer pounds per square inch, your car will perform below average, so check your tires before hitting the road for optimal performance. While in Florida we don’t have to worry about scraping ice off your windshield, cleaning it before departing is always a good idea so that you can have a clean and clear view out on the road.

At Chapman Insurance we want to ensure that your family stays happy and healthy when the temperatures dip down low. Contact us today because if you don’t know insurance, you should know your insurance agent!