Businesses: What to do When Season is Over

In Florida, our busy season for tourism is generally December-April. We get all the northerners who want to get away from the snow. This is when most businesses have a steady and heavy flow of customers. But once season is over, what should business owners do to keep up sales? If your business is effected by the end of tourist season, listen to these helpful ideas.

Make some sort of deal.

Every business has some sort of regular customer base. Start rewarding them for using your products and services. Do your regulars have friends? Create a referral discount. Or start a rewards program. Customers can earn points each time they come in and then they can get a coupon or a free product. Deals like these can strengthen your relationship with your regulars, and hopefully bring in some new ones.

Cater to a younger crowd.

Since kids are out of school, if you can gear your business toward a younger crowd it might boost business. A kids’ special for restaurants. A summer package for parks or kid entertainment centers. Lakewood Ranch is a popular community that is home to many families from a variety of school districts. The wide variety of businesses in the area should be sure to market toward kids and their parents. Be creative on how to get kids involved in your business. Focus on keeping them safe and entertained. That’s all parents want during the summer.

Partner with other local businesses.

Working with another business can be beneficial. You can match products together, carry business cards or coupons, or even go big and have a huge event to get customers in. With an event, it will gain attention (which means more customers) and it will be cost effective to splitting the bills and the revenue. Music on Main is a great community event in Lakewood Ranch that hosts local business booths, bands, food and entertainment on the first Friday of every month. Events like these can reinforce yourself as a community business all while making new connections.

At Chapman Insurance we want to ensure that your business stays healthy and wealthy during the long summer months. Contact us today because if you don’t know insurance, you should know your insurance agent!