Beat the Heat

Summer is taking its toll on Florida with high temperatures and sticky humidity. While it’s nice for a day at the beach, the sun can be damaging to cars, houses and more. Be safe this summer and beat the heat with some helpful tips to stay cool.

It is easy for the summer heat to take a toll on your car. Tires will expand, paint can get damaged and hoses can develop leaks which can cause low fluid levels. Don’t get stuck in the heat on the side of the road if something breaks. Start under the hood to keep your car in top condition. has a beneficial article that outlines some more areas of your car to check.

With the kids at home for a few more weeks, it’s important to keep them hydrated and safe from the harsh sun’s rays. Staying hydrated while swimming at the beach or in the pool is extra important. Even though it keeps us cooler, we still sweat and can get dehydrated in the pool. If the kids don’t even want to step foot outside, they still want to be entertained indoors. Try an indoor obstacle course, cooking tutorials or even a movie day. Visit our Pinterest page for some more ways to keep kids busy.

The heat also beats down on your house where no doubt you and your family spend a lot of time. When summer arrives, the A/C goes down and the bill goes up. This article from Common Sense Home has so many good ideas to keep your house cool and reduce your monthly bill. There are quick fixes like flipping the switch on ceiling fans to suck up hot air and major projects like changing roofing tiles to deflect sun rays.

It’s been a hot one this summer, but don’t sweat it. Keep up regular checks on your home and cars and everything will be cool. Have a great summer!