4-Wheelers and Boats and RVs, Oh My!

Make sure you’re covered when planning a fun weekend away. Somewhere sunny, beach side with a boat? Or exploring the rugged wilderness on an ATV? Keep the excitement going with the peace of mind that you have the right coverage to fit your adventures.

chapman-insurance-florida-boat-safety-watercraft-sailboatWhen we say ‘recreational vehicles’ we are referring to more than the typical RV. We cover a variety of fun vehicles from boats, RVs, 4-wheelers, motorcycles and more. Call our office today to talk about the best plan for you.

Insuring your recreational vehicles under your homeowner’s insurance isn’t always the best way to go. They don’t have the best coverage to fit the needs of your future adventures. Specialized insurance will offer you more coverage to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy the ride knowing that your insurance has your back.

Tips and tricks are always helpful even if you have years of experience. Check out the information below for a new way to do something or a friendly reminder.

4-Wheelers and ATVs

The State of Florida offers Off Highway Vehicle Safety Certification Courses for children ages 6-16 to educate them about riding safely and protecting the environment. After completing the course, the person will receive a certificate allowing them to ride on public lands.


Zac Tubing 4Boating basics are always important to review just in case you need a friendly reminder. We provide insurance from jet boats to sailboats. Take a look at our blog outlining the care and maintenance of your boat.


There’s nothing like a scenic cross-country drive. Make sure you’re covered so you can enjoy the fun. Check out these fun tips and tricks to be a master RVer.


Make sure to keep an eye out for motorcycles on the road. Keep everyone safe by double checking mirrors and being alert. Here are some helpful safety tips for the road.